We sell raw land at a discount, all over the Western US.

Westhaven Properties, LLC is a land wholesale company located in Central California. We buy land at a discount, and offer it to people who don't want to pay full market value for a property. Our mission is to offer a simple and cost-effective win-win solution for anyone who wants to own land.

One of the biggest challenges people face while searching for land can be finding that "needle in a haystack" deal - a property where the value exceeds its price. This is the service we provide.

When Is the Best Time To Buy?

With national historical appreciation averaging around a 3-5% increase, it's generally always a good time to buy and hold real estate in the US. However, recent property values have climbed much higher in today's market, making now a great time to own land. The key to a good investment property is buying it at the right price, and we're here to provide that service. Whether you’re looking for a buildable lot, prime hunting land, farmland or the perfect buy-and-hold investment opportunity, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have any questions about any of our properties, gives us a call at 831-824-6148. Or, if you would like to let us know what kind of property you're looking for, click here. We're glad to assist you in any way.

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